Traffic Calming

Today’s cities are plagued with high speed traffic disrupting the tranquility of life while also contributing to record pollution levels, obesity rates, and heart disease.

By reverting back to livable, walkable communities these record ills can be revered while also providing an enormous list of benefits. Much of our work focuses on slowing and calming traffic to create walkable, healthy communities.

Midtown Asphalt Art Project

Funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies in the summer of 2020, we work alongside Midtown KC Now and the city of Kansas City, MO to radically improve the intersection of Westport Road and Wyandotte Street. By implementing a three way stop and install curb extensions via planters, boulders and bollards, we helped reclaim over 4500 square feet of pavement to slow traffic, improve pedestrian safety, and establish five canvasses for asphalt art murals.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Funded by the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City in 2020, we worked closely with Vireo to design and implement a traffic calming plan that allowed for safer road conditions through the RMHC campus and provide easy access to the newly built Fred and Jami Pryor Serenity Garden. By enhancing existing crosswalks and adding a new mid block crossing, we were able to install 7 new curb extensions to shorten pedestrian crossing distances, slow automobile traffic, and bring a unique splash of color to the pavement.

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